I’m Not Good Enough

Have you ever said “I’m not good enough”. Do you ever get held back at work because you think you’re not capable, or you fear making mistakes or failing? Maybe you haven’t asked someone out because you didn’t think you were good enough for them. Or maybe you don’t put yourself forward for things with your friends or family because you’re afraid you’ll disappoint them. These are things we have all felt at one time or another. It’s what you do (or don’t do!) about it that matters! EFT can help all of these feelings. The key is to make a note of these feelings and thoughts as they come up and tap on them.

You also need a bit of dedication and persistence too. Often people do not get results with EFT because they give up too quickly. One minute wonders do sometimes happen with EFT but most often you need to tap consistently for an hour or more. This can be done in several sessions – you just need to commit to doing the tapping!

Here’s a tapping script that will help.

Tap on the Karate Chop whilst repeating three times:

  • Even though I think I’m not good enough, I accept how I feel
  • Even though I’m scared of failing, I deeply and completely accept myself
  • Even though I worry I’ll disappoint people, I deeply and completely accept myself and all my feelings

Eyebrow: I’m not good enough
Side of Eye: I’m not as capable as others
Under Eye: I’m scared I’ll fail
Under Nose: I think I’ll disappoint people
Under Chin: I’m just not good enough
Collarbone: I hate feeling like this
Under Arm: I worry I’ll make a fool of myself
Top of Head: I’m not good enough for them

Eyebrow: I’ll fail I know I will
Side of Eye: I’ll make too many mistakes
Under Eye: I just can’t do it
Under Nose: I’m not good enough
Under Chin: I wish I could believe in myself
Collarbone: I’m worried I’ll fail
Under Arm: I wish I didn’t feel like this
Top of Head: I’m a disappointment to people

Eyebrow: What if I could do it
Side of Eye: Maybe I won’t fail
Under Eye: What if I just tried
Under Nose: Maybe I won’t disappoint people
Under Chin: What if I did succeed
Collarbone: Maybe I can believe in myself
Under Arm: What if I am good enough
Top of Head: I can do it

Remember to keep tapping until you feel better. Keep tapping on all the different things that are causing this feeling. Think back into the past and try to recall the first time you felt this way. What was going on for you back then? Tap on those events, feelings or thoughts, to get to the root of this problem.