Just Rant

When was the last time you had a good rant? Sometimes we need to offload stuff and just let it out. We can be overwhelmed and the smallest thing can send us over the edge as it were (dropping a pint of milk for example).

Things have often built up over time but for one reason or another we’ve held it all in. We’re told to soldier on, just get on with it, count our blessings etc.

What happens when we hold it all in is that it festers away and builds up until you reach breaking point. So allow yourself to let it all out. Shout, scream, punch a pillow or just generally get it out.

Of course, being an EFT Practitioner and massive tapping fan, I recommend tapping and ranting at the same time. Or rant first then tap as you run out of steam. You can often get lots of insights by tapping during or after a good old rant.

Now I’m reminded of that Tears For Fears track…Shout, shout let it all out… (1985 – jeez now I feel old!)

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