Many Paths to Healing

People often say they don’t know where to start when working with their issues. They don’t know what to say or feel so overwhelmed that they can’t even begin. Well firstly you can tap for your overwhelm and I’ve written about this before. There are no “right” words and again I’ve addressed that subject previously.  What I want to emphasise today is that we never really know where we’re going to go when we start tapping. We can start on one issue and it can lead us somewhere entirely different.  There are many paths or doorways to our healing.

This happened to me today. I started tapping on one issue and it led me somewhere entirely different. It never ceases to amaze me when this happens 🙂  I love it when we just organically follow where the tapping takes us. I learnt new insights and found new things to tap on. Great! It all helps me on my healing journey. So don’t worry about where to start or what words to use. Just start tapping and follow where it leads.

Paths to healing
Paths to healing

Keep tapping