Now…in a minute

I was recently amused by a friend on Facebook. They had the following image on their page:

Now in a minute

Being Welsh, it amused me no end. I have said this phrase often myself! 🙂

That got me thinking about other similar sayings like the Spanish “mañana” or the Cornish: “I’ll do it dreckly”!  Then I realised how frustrating it can be to hear phrases such as this.

If we are expecting something to be done immediately or by a certain time we can get quite angry if it isn’t done when expected. So what can we do instead?

Tap of course!

Try the following:

  • Even though I’m really angry that they took so long to fix my {object}, I can choose to stay calm about this
  • Even though I’m frustrated that they haven’t finished working on my {object}, I’m ok
  • Even though they let me down because they haven’t delivered what they promised, I accept myself and this situation anyway
  • Even though I feel disappointed that they missed their deadline, I’m open to accepting this situation

Remember to be as specific as possible and keep tapping on all the emotions that come up.

There is also another aspect to this. When we say phrases such as this ourselves, what are trying to do?

Are we trying to put off the task by being vague? Do we not want to do it and therefore deliberately avoid a proper answer. Do we not think we are able to commit and complete when expected? Just practice asking yourself these questions the next time you say one of these phrases, and notice what is going on for you.

There is also the possibility that we need to lighten up and relax a little! Perhaps deadlines are a bit of an issue for you? Ask yourself what it is that you find comforting about having exact deadlines and tap around that to see if you are able to let go… All good food for thought 🙂

Keep tapping
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