Tap Every Day Anyway

Many people learn EFT and use it successfully to create a big shift in their life, e.g. overcome a fear, give up smoking or lose weight. Once they have achieved their goal they tend to forget about EFT. EFT is not just a tool for issues such as those already mentioned. It is very much a tool for everyday use. Most people face stress every day. Most people have some sort of challenge every day. It doesn’t matter what the size of the challenge or the stress, it is usually best to deal with it there and then if you can so that you can let it go. By not clearing our daily stress and emotions they tend to build up and build up. Eventually we start to feel overwhelmed. Think of a situation where you “lost it” over something trivial – e.g. dropping the milk. We know it’s not dropping the milk that has caused us to “lose it”, but all the other challenges, stress, niggles and emotions leading up to dropping the milk. So rather than waiting to deal with things until they seem overwhelming, it is much better for us to deal with them on a daily basis and prevent the overwhelm.

My advice is to make EFT a part of every day. Every day we wash and brush our teeth and hair etc. Making EFT a part of your daily routine can really help you reduce your overwhelm, stress and help you handle things much more calmly and easily. So make EFT a part of your daily routine and enjoy the benefits!

Keep tapping!
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