Tapping the day Away

If you have experienced the benefits of EFT then you know just how good you feel when you have cleared an issue up. You’ve worked on your issue and you are feeling so much better. This EFT stuff is great you think. Then you leave it alone until the next time you have an issue that needs addressing. Does that sound like you? Well, what I would encourage you to do is to make a commitment to tap every day anyway.

Whether you are working on an issue or not, tapping every day has its benefits. We are toning our energy system and encouraging the chi or energy to flow smoothly throughout our body. We know the benefits of exercising our bodies regularly. So how about discovering the benefits of toning your energy system every day?

I know, it takes time and you’re really busy with a million and one other things to do, which all seem they are a higher priority. What if the tapping every day helped you deal with all that other stuff? What if you felt like you had more energy and you could think more clearly? That would be worth it wouldn’t it?

If you do have some resistance, here is a script which can help. Followed by some tips about how you can easily fit in some tapping into your day. Enjoy!

  • Even though I’m too busy to tap every day, I accept my feelings about this
  • Even though I can’t find the time to do EFT every day, I’m open to letting it be easy
  • Even though it seems like too much effort to make time to tap every day, what if I could let it be easy

Eyebrow: I’m too busy to tap every day
Side of eye: I find it so hard to find time to do EFT
Under eye: I’m not good at finding time for me
Under nose: It takes too much effort to tap every day
Chin: I don’t have enough time
Collarbone: Ge’ez, I’m busy enough already!
Under arm: I just don’t know how I’d find the time
Top of head: I can’t make time just for me and my health

Eyebrow: I’m open to finding ways to do this
Side of eye: I guess I would feel better
Under eye: Maybe I can fit in a few minutes of tapping
Under nose: What if I did manage to find some time
Chin: I do want to feel better
Collarbone: Maybe I can fit in some tapping every day
Under arm: I could do manage a few minutes a day
Top of head: I am worth finding the time to do some tapping

Now take a nice easy deep breath. Repeat the tapping if you are still feeling any resistance. Adjust the phrases until you get down to a zero and feel ready to fit EFT into your day. 

Tap every day

Here’s those tips:

  • Tap in the shower in the morning
  • Tap every time you go to the toilet
  • Tap whilst you wait for the kettle to boil
  • Tap whilst you are waiting at the traffic lights
  • Tap when you are standing in a queue
  • Tap when you are on hold on the phone
  • Tap when you read your email
  • Tap before you go to sleep at night

You see there are many ways to fit EFT into your day. You don’t have to be tuned into anything in particular if you don’t want to. You can just use finger tapping (especially good if you are in public!). Try tapping in some positive statements, e.g. my energy is flowing freely, I am feeling calm and peaceful, I am healthy, whole and complete.

If you haven’t yet experienced the benefits of EFT then learn now! Checkout my ‘What is EFT?’ page.

Keep tapping, every day!
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