Under Pressure

Lately I feel I am being pulled in lots of different directions. I don’t feel I am giving anything 100% because so many different things are trying my attention. I am feeling the pressure and don’t quite know what to do next. So instead of doing anything, I am going to just sit down and tap. Sometimes you need to give yourself some space and time to reflect on things rather than jumping in and doing something!

Here are some phrases you can try if you are feeling this way too:

  • Even though I feel under pressure and I don’t know how to deal with all this stuff,  I’m willing to accept myself anyway
  • Even though I feel under pressure and pulled in so many different directions, I’m ok anyway
  • Even though I feel so much pressure from so many different things, I accept myself anyway
  • Even though I feel all this pressure and I don’t feel I am doing anything 100%, and I really want to do so much more, I just don’t have enough energy for everything, I’m willing to look at this differently

Just keep tapping until you feel calmer and under less pressure.  Remember to repeat the tapping any time you feel the pressure building again. Tap for all the different things pulling you in different directions.

You can also throw in some positives once the main negative pressure feelings have subsided.

E.g. I can choose to stay calm and focused.

I can easily handle all these different things

I choose to relax and let this pressure go

Keep tapping!
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One thought to “Under Pressure”

  1. Hi Louise,

    I agree it is important to set aside some space and time to allow yourself to tap on things – even more so when you feel under pressure.

    I have had to do that this weekend, and it has helped me through the making of an important decision, and helped me to deal with the upwelling of emotions that attend it. I will be making space and time for tapping as we carry through this tough task.

    Being kind and compassionate to yourself is often the hardest thing for many to do, but EFT can allow this to occur. It is a great gift we can give to ourselves.

    Kindest Regards,


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