When I Don’t Tap…

I had a chat with my Mum last weekend. She said that she can tell when my Dad is not tapping because he becomes short-tempered. He is much more mellow when he does regularly tap. I then chatted to my Dad and he said that sometimes when he is working away he is just too busy to tap or he forgets, as he is not in his normal routine.

I told my Dad about finger tapping and several ways to fit in some EFT that won’t take up much of his time. I’m personally a big fan of finger tapping and fitting in some tapping whilst doing other activities e.g. tapping whilst walking or waiting in a queue.

We only benefit from EFT when we make the time to do it. If we can find ways that don’t take up much time and are convenient we are more likely to do it regularly and to gain from the benefits.

Feeling calmer, being more mellow, not getting so stressed are all wonderful benefits. Personally I feel more balanced and centered and able to handle life’s challenges much easier when I tap every day. So I make it a priority to do so every day. I don’t always manage it but most of the time I do. Making a note of the benefits you get when you do tap can also help you make the time to tap. Noticing the downsides like being more short-tempered can also motivate you to tap regularly!

Whatever does it for you – being aware of the downsides or the benefits, I hope that you continue to tap every day.

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