Tapping For Dental Fears

Many people put off going to the Dentist because of their fear. But what if your dental health is being adversely affected? EFT can really help get rid of your fear and help you look after yourself better.

My partner recently had to have a wisdom tooth out & a filling on the same day. He managed to get through this experience thanks to EFT. He tapped before he went for his fear, the fact that he is normally white knuckled and breaks out into a sweat. He didn’t experience any of his normal symptoms and sailed through his appointment. Normally he is quite tired after going because he has been so wired, but this time he just felt calm before, during and afterwards. Even when a piece of his tooth shot out of his mouth he remained calm – what a fantastic result!

Dental Fears
Dental Fears

Many fears like this start in childhood so it can be useful to look for any disturbing memories and work through them using the movie technique. You can then tap being specific as possible, e.g. the smells, sounds (e.g. the drill, the suction tube), sights (e.g. the needle), feeling vulnerable (i.e. lying in the chair with your mouth open) etc. Keep tapping on all the different aspects and work on any specific symptoms you experience e.g. gripping the chair with white knuckles, breaking out into a sweat or churning stomach.

Below is a sample script to get you started. Write down your fear on a scale of 0 -10 before you start (10 being maximum fear).

Tap on the Karate Chop whilst repeating three times:

  • Even though I hate going to the dentist because it is so scary, it always hurts and I hate being vulnerable like that, I’m willing to accept myself anyway
  • Even though I’d rather never go to the Dentist ever again, I do hate having tooth ache and I accept myself anyway
  • Even though I’m so scared of the Dentist and hate the sound of the drill, I accept my feelings about this anyway

Eyebrow: I hate going to the Dentist
Side of Eye: Going to the Dentist is so scary
Under Eye: I don’t know what they’ll do to me
Under Nose: I hate lying there with my mouth wide open like that
Chin: The sound of the drill makes my heart beat so fast
Collarbone: And my body breaks out into a sweat
Under Arm: I have to grip the seat so tight
Top of Head: I’m so scared of having any work done

Eyebrow: In the waiting room, I’m anticipating the worst
Side of Eye: I start sweating and my stomach starts churning
Under Eye: I hate feeling so vulnerable lying in the chair
Under Nose: I don’t know what the Dentist is going to do to me
Chin: All that poking and prodding freaks me out
Collarbone: It hurts when the Dentist prods me like that
Under Arm: What if I need a filling
Top of Head: Injections and the drill freak me right out

Eyebrow: Maybe I can feel better about this
Side of Eye: What if I felt calmer in the chair
Under Eye: What if I trusted the Dentist
Under Nose: Maybe I can relax my body
Chin: Maybe I can breathe slowly and deeply
Collarbone: What if I remained calm
Under Arm: What if it was easier than I thought
Top of Head: Maybe it doesn’t have to be so bad

Remember to keep tapping on the different aspects of your fear. When you feel you have cleared them all, test by visualising yourself going to the Dentist. If it all feels ok and your body remains calm then great. If something comes up, it just means you just have more tapping to do. Try to imagine all possible scenarios to fully test this. If you find during your next visit to the Dentist, your fear still comes up then you can do some tapping right there to clear it. You can always use mental tapping or finger tapping if you don’t want other people to see you tapping.

Keep tapping!
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