It’s Too Painful

Have you ever felt too overwhelmed by your emotions? You feel like you can’t even admit to yourself that you have feelings about this situation because if you did they would all come flooding out and you just wouldn’t be able to cope.

When we feel this way we often stuff our emotions down because they feel too painful or overwhelming to deal with. But that can often lead to those feelings leaching out in other ways. Our shoulders become really tight and knotty, we have an ache in our stomach or we get bad headaches or migraines. This is our body’s way of telling us we need to deal with our feelings.

It can feel too scary to begin to address these feelings because we don’t want to feel out of control or overwhelmed by them. So firstly, please be very gentle with yourself.

You might find the following tapping helpful:

  • Even though it feels too painful to begin to deal with {this situation/these emotions}, I’m willing to be very gentle with myself
  • Even though I feel too overwhelmed by these emotions to begin dealing with them, I’m open to feeling safe and in control
  • Even though I can’t even admit to myself that I have these feelings, I’m willing to be kind and gentle with myself

Tap a few rounds of these type of statements until you feel calmer and more in control.  Then try:

  • Even though I know I’ve been suppressing all these emotions, I choose to be able to let them out slowly in a way I can handle
  • Even though my body has been holding these emotions for me, I choose to be able to calmly let them be heard now
  • Even though these emotions have felt too painful and I’ve been scared of being overwhelmed by them, I choose to allow them out in a safe way now

Once you feel calmer about being able to deal with the situation/emotions then you can start tapping on them. You don’t have to dive right in and start tapping on them straightaway. You can even start by using very generic tapping statements like:

  • Even though I have all these emotions, I accept myself and my feelings
  • Even though these emotions have been difficult to face, I’m ready to deal with them now

Keep tapping using these generic statements until you feel you are ready to be more specific and get into the emotions themselves. Remember you are in control and can stop anytime if they start to feel too painful or overwhelming. You can of course tap on the feelings being too overwhelming and painful again.

EFT can be very gentle if used in this way. EFT is not designed to help us tough it out and push us on when we don’t feel ready. It is there to help us feel we can deal with our emotions safely and at a rate we can handle.

Remember to keep breathing and drink plenty of water.

Keep tapping and be gentle with yourself.
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