How to Avoid The Christmas Overindulgence

Christmas Drinks

It’s Christmas time. Parties, meals out with friends and colleagues. Visits from family. It can be really hard not to overindulge at Christmas!

Not just with food or sweets but alcohol too. So how do you remain polite and social without overindulging? Impossible right?

It doesn’t have to be. But don’t rely on your willpower because that is bound to be challenged at this time of year!

Instead, you need to do some tapping. Whatever it is that you find hardest to resist, start with that. So, for example, if you find it really hard to resist chocolate at the best of times, let alone Christmas, then tap on that.

chocolate cookies
Christmas Chocolates
  • Even though it’s really hard to resist all these wonderful chocolates, I deeply & completely accept myself anyway
  • Even though I find it impossible to not eat chocolates at Christmas, I choose to be able to just have one
  • Even though it’s so hard to say no to chocolates, when they’re everywhere at Christmas, I choose to be able control how many I eat

Be as specific as possible, so if it’s Roses that really do it for you, then use that. E.g. Even though I can’t just have one Roses from the tin…what if I could?

Then try tapping on what triggers you to eat the chocolates – this could be certain thoughts or emotions or stress. E.g.

  • Even though the deadlines are looming at work and I feel so stressed and keep reaching for the chocolates, I choose to stay calm and eat some fruit instead.
  • Even though I still have loads of Christmas shopping to do and wrapping and cooking and it’s all too much for me so I keep stuffing my face with chocolates, what if I can relax and get it all done?

Please do try to help yourself as much as possible. So bring some healthy snacks to eat at the office instead of succumbing to the chocolates. You could also try moving the chocolate tin to a different part of the office if they’re too tempting by your desk!

The other kind of tapping you can do is being able to say that magic word – NO! Many people struggle to say it and before they know it they’re going to every event happening, when really they’d rather be at home for most of them. So tune in what makes it hard for you to say no & tap on that. E.g.

  • Even though I find it hard to say no to people (or use their name), because I don’t like to let them down and I feel guilty, what if I could respect my needs instead.

I hope that this has given you some ideas to help you stop overindulging this Christmas.

Keep tapping