Allowing Yourself To Rant

I recently blogged about ranting. I felt like a rant today. So I took myself off on my walk in nature. This I find very restorative in itself. I added my finger tapping as I walked and then just ranted. I did this quietly in my mind as I was outside. But I didn’t hold back or stop myself – I just allowed all my rants out, tapping all the while. It felt so good 🙂

So often we let our inner critic or judge stop us from letting all our thoughts and emotions out because we “shouldn’t think that” etc. This doesn’t help us let our emotions flow though.

Here’s some tapping ideas to help you let your emotions flow and have a good rant!

  • Even though I’m judging myself, I choose to let all my emotions flow anyway
  • Even though I criticise myself for having certain thoughts/emotions, what if I could accept them and let them flow
  • Even though I don’t allow myself to have a rant when I need to, I’m open to this changing
  • Even though I don’t allow my emotions to flow and judge them, I’m willing to let them flow

Rant away & keep tapping of course 🙂