Dealing with Negative Thoughts

Sometimes we have negative thoughts. We know we’re not “supposed” to have them. We can get upset when we have them, we judge them, judge ourselves, beat ourselves up and generally carry on the negative cycle some more. I have been doing some tapping on this lately. I found myself having lots of negative thoughts. I would create negative scenarios in my mind and image bad things happening. I recognised this was going on in myself and that I was judging and criticising myself too. Enough already!

So you guessed it – I tapped. I actually had help from my EFT buddy with this as I felt it was a “biggie” for me. So we tapped on:

  • The negative thoughts
  • Judgements
  • Criticism
  • Not “supposed” to have them

After awhile I could feel my body relax. I could feel more kindness towards myself. I could appreciate that part of me was trying to keep me safe. I realised that thinking these thoughts wasn’t all bad…feeling safe is important to me. If that helps me avoid dangerous situations that is a good thing.

I also realised I was creating choices for myself. I could choose how to react. I could acknowledge the negative thought, thank myself for thinking it and then let it go. I didn’t “have” to judge or criticise myself. I felt so much better after the tapping. Since then, the negative thoughts have decreased. I know that when they happen again I won’t be so hard on myself next time. 🙂

Keep tapping