It’s Ok to Slow Down


Winter is traditionally a time when we don’t have as much energy and can feel like hibernating. Our ancestors were much more in tune with the seasons than we are. We can get summer foods such as salad throughout the year, we have electric lights, and smart phones & laptops that enable us to be connected to the world 24/7.

Winter doesn’t physically make us slow down like it once it once did. Sometimes we can feel at odds with the season and want to carry the summer energy on into winter.  The modern way of living allows us to do that. But what if we listened to the season instead of fighting it?

I believe it’s time we got more in tune with the season and slowed down. If you struggle with the winter season and feel like you should push on & rush around like it’s still the height of summer, then read on…

Notice how you feel & where in your body you feel any stress or resistance.  Then use that in your tapping statements.  E.g.

  • Even though I struggle to keep going in the winter, maybe I don’t have to
  • Even though I want to keep up my summer energy, I just don’t feel it and I accept myself anyway
  • Even though my body is sluggish and I really hate being slow, I accept my feelings
  • Even though I think I should still be energetic, my body is telling me to slow down and maybe it’s ok to listen
  • Even though my body is telling me to slow down and I’ve been ignoring it, I choose to listen now and be ok with slowing down

Remember to keep tapping on whatever resistance or stress comes up for you. I’m off to sit by my log fire 🙂

Keep tapping