Survival Mode Post Fire

7 weeks ago my neighbour’s house burnt down the ground. My house has some fire damage & quite a bit of smoke and water damage. We were the lucky ones. The neighbours lost everything! I mean everything! I’m very grateful that my house is still standing and that most of my possessions can be saved. The past 7 weeks have involved lots of moving about from hotel to hotel. One week we were moved 3 times! I’ve been in survival mode all this time and finally it is coming to an end. We have finally moved into a rental house for the duration of the remedial works which is estimated at 6 months.

I have used EFT all through this journey. I was tapping my fingertips the actual night of the fire and it helped me stay (relatively) calm. I’ve used it since for the trauma that I went through. I’ve used it for all the emotions that have come up. I will continue to use it as now that we are settled in one place, I feel my emotions are coming up ready to be dealt with. I will be kind to myself and allow myself to feel all these feelings. They need to be heard. EFT is great at allowing you to face up to your emotions and be able to handle them.

Some of this tapping I will do alone, some with my partner. I will also be tapping with my wonderful EFT buddies. I know that with their patient, caring support I will be looked after and helped through this unsettling period of my life. Amen to that and to EFT!

My Broadband should be re-connected soon and I am looking forward to blogging more often once again.

Keep tapping
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2 thoughts to “Survival Mode Post Fire”

  1. My family and I have experienced recent loss due to fire … as well as to Hurricane Irene’s presence. Fire destroyed 3/4 of our home (8-26-11) and then, Irene dumped water into unprotected/un-boarded/unsecured areas of our home (also on 8-26-11); many areas of our home remain unprotected (etc.) as of today’s date.
    Several days prior to fire/Hurricane Irene, many areas along the eastern coastline experienced effects from earthquake (extremely rare!!) … Bethany Beach, DE was one of those ‘rare’ areas.
    Like you, we’ve found lodging in a rental home, the only one of which allowed our 4 cats to remain with us.
    PSTD is within me as my life is the one most up-rooted and in turmoil; my husband returned to work (after taking almost 30 days off!!) and our daughter has resumed her life going forward toward receiving her law degree.
    I’m fairly hypersensitive … and have difficulty looking to the future.
    Can you share words of wisdom???
    Thanks …

  2. Hi Sue, firstly I’m very sorry this has happened to you and hope that things get moving soon to get your house fixed. Start with what you feel right now – you mention being sensitive. I am very sensitive too and I think people who are sensitive feel disturbance and change more keenly than others. So start tapping on that – e.g. I’m really sensitive and this trauma has really affected me. I feel frustrated/sad/angry etc about what has happened. Tap on the actual events (use movie technique) and how frightening etc it was. Tap on the turmoil and how you feel your husband and daughter are getting on with life whilst you are still feeling stuck. Tap on all emotions you feel about that, e.g. jealousy, anger, frustration. I think you would find working with a partner or practitioner will help you get all the different aspects of this situation.
    Be kind and patient with yourself – losing a home is a major event and takes time to deal with.
    Blessings, Lou

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