Tapping With Kids

My friend recently asked me for some advice on how to tap with her daughter who is going through a rough patch at the moment. Naturally she is upset and needs help dealing with these funny emotions!

Here’s the advice I gave my friend:

Firstly tap on yourself if you feel in any way anxious or nervous or even silly about tapping with your child. Ensure you are calm and centered beforehand and use EFT to help you get there. This is very important!

When tapping with children always use age appropriate language. You don’t want them saying I deeply and completely accept myself or something similar which won’t mean anything to them!

Here are some example set up statements:

  • Even though {insert problem}, I’m still a good kid
  • Even though {insert problem}, I’m a great kid
  • Even though {insert problem}, my Mummy and Daddy really love me
  • Even though {insert problem}, I’m a clever girl/boy
  • Even though {insert problem}, it’s ok to have these feelings
  • Even though {insert problem}, I’m safe and loved

You can use a cuddly toy to help your child tap. Tappy bear or magic buttons are two specially manufactured versions. Alternately, help your child make their own version, using one of their favourite toys by sewing on some buttons/putting stickers where the tapping points are.

You can either have your child help the toy as if the toy had the problem or have the toy help your child.  Either you or your child can tap on the toy. Have your child copy you tapping whether they are tapping themselves or the toy.

Working with the toy as the ‘client’ goes like this:

  • Even though {toy’s name} is upset because the teacher shouted at him for not sitting still, he is still a great {toy/kid}

Most children love to help their toy in this way. The child may then chip in with suggestions on what to tap on next and what else has upset the toy! This is a great way to work so that they lead it without feeling under any pressure.

You can also suggest tapping statements to the child:

  • Even though I’m upset because the teacher shouted at me for not sitting still, I’m still a good kid

Remember to tap gently, letting the child lead the pace.

It is useful to finish on some positives once the upset has been cleared.  Examples:

  • I’m a great kid
  • I always try my best
  • Mummy and Daddy love me
  • I’m safe and loved
  • I’m a clever kid
  • It’s ok to feel these feelings

Tapping before bed time is great way to ensure your child is calm and relaxed and able to have a good night’s sleep. They can just tap and talk about their day, or you can work together on anything specific that upset them that day.

Reassure them that tapping is a tool they can use when they feel upset. Tell them their toy is great at listening and helping them feel better.

If your child is too young to speak or explain how they feel then tune into them and use the words you would think they would use if they could speak. Tapping will still help them even if you don’t use any words at all. Just focusing on your love for them and tapping will help.

Keep tapping
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