Sharing My Gratitude of EFT

I’d like to share my gratitude for EFT. EFT has really changed my life for the better. I know that any challenge I face does not have to overwhelm me or fill me with anxiety or fear. I can tap on it.

I know that when I feel a bit stressed, I can tap it away.

I know that when I feel upset or harassed or even right pissed off, I can tap on it.

I know that when I don’t feel like tapping, I can even tap on that too!

I’m grateful I have this amazing flexible tool at my fingertips anytime I need it.

I’m grateful I can tap away my fear, anxiety, anger, guilt, stress, sadness, pain etc.

I’m grateful that EFT allows me to really feel my feelings, to acknowledge them and accept them, without judgement.

I’m really grateful to have EFT in my life. I hope that you learn this amazing tool and use it for your benefit like I have.

Keep tapping
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