What Mind Movies Are You Playing?

When you are thinking, planning, preparing, working, walking or just being we are constantly playing movies in our minds. These could be movies that we create or visualise. They could be movies of things that have actually happened. Just spend a few minutes and think about what type of movies they are.

  • Are they positive mind movies? Do they give you a good feeling, raise your energy, increase your joy and make your body feel good when you play them?
  • Or are they negative mind movies? Do they give you a bad feeling, lower your energy, decrease your joy and make your body feel bad when you play them?

It is an interesting question. Maybe one you have not contemplated before. Now that you have (you have haven’t you?), you can benefit from increased awareness. If you find that your mind movies tend to be of the negative variety, then you can do something about it.

Remember, we get what we focus on. So if you are constantly playing negative mind movies, then you are attracting more negative experiences. It’s the Law of Attraction at work. Like attracts like.

You can try editing your movies to be more positive. You are after all the director, producer and often play the starring role. Tweak your movies into more positive ones. See yourself with things turning out how you want them. Make them more vivid, vibrant and colourful. Tune up the sounds and feelings so it’s really feeling good, looking good and sounding good. Make sure you are saying positive things to yourself as well.

If you struggle with this process then use Emotional Freedom Techniques, to help you release the negative and focus on the positive.

Try the following script to get you started.

  • Even though I keep playing these negative movies in my mind, I accept myself anyway
  • Even though I can’t seem to create positive movies, they always end up being negative, I deeply and completely accept myself
  • Even though I find it really impossible to create positive movies and I keep focussing on the negative, I’m open to this being easier
  • Eyebrow: I always have negative mind movies
    Side of Eye: I’m terrible at creating positive movies
    Under Eye: I’m naturally more negative
    Under Nose: It’s impossible for me to focus on the positive
    Under Chin: I always focus on the negative
    Collarbone: I just can’t create positive mind movies
    Under Arm: I’m so focussed on the negative
    Top of Head: I always creating negative scenarios in my mind

    Eyebrow: I’m open to the possibility of it being easier
    Side of Eye: Maybe I can focus on the positive
    Under Eye: What if it was easy to create positive movies
    Under Nose: It doesn’t have to be difficult
    Under Chin: Maybe I can edit my mind movies easily
    Collarbone: What if I started practising creating positive movies
    Under Arm: Maybe I can start focussing on the positive
    Top of Head: I’m open to creating positive mind movies

    I hope that you find this script useful. Remember to keep tapping until it becomes easier and more natural for you to create positive mind movies.

    Please contact me if you’d like some help using EFT to help you create positive mind movies and get the Law of Attraction working for you.

    How to Listen to Your Body

    We are told to listen to our body. But mostly everyone I know just doesn’t know how to do this. We have a headache and what do we do? Take a paracetamol.


    We have back ache and we pop an aspirin or put on an ice pack. We have a stomach ache and we think – I must have eaten something that didn’t agree with me.  We just don’t take the time to listen to what our body is trying to tell us. We just want a quick fix and off we go again. 


    Over time we lose touch with our body’s messages and often it takes a serious illness before we stop and properly look after ourselves.

    An easy way to listen to your body is to tune in to your feelings. Then ask yourself the question:  

    “If this pain/ache had an emotion behind it, what would it be?”

    Or if you are tuned into an emotion already:

    “Where do I feel that {insert emotion} in my body?” 

    For example, say you were feeling stressed out with work.  You could ask yourself  “Where do I feel that stress in my body?”.  This then gives you the opportunity to get in touch with how your body is feeling that stress. 
    Do I feel a knot in my stomach?
    Is my heart constricted?
    Is there a lump in my throat?
    Has my breathing become fast and shallow?
    Are my shoulders tense?
    Describe your body’s feelings in more detail i.e. is there a size, shape, weight, pressure, temperature associated with it? Is there a colour or sound associated with it?
    Sharp blue stabbing lump in my throat
    Red hot burning knot in my stomach
    Black heavy weight in my shoulders

    Whatever response you come up with, you can then use that for your EFT setup statement. 


    Even though I feel my work stress like a red-hot burning knot in my stomach, I deeply and completely accept myself and how I feel.
    Even though I feel this sharp blue stabbing lump in my throat, I’m ok.
    Even though I feel this black heavy weight of my problems pressing on my shoulders, I choose to relax and let the load lighten.
    Keep on tapping using your body descriptions.  Sometimes you’ll do what Gary Craig calls “chasing the pain”.  This happens when the body sensations move location or change in quality.  Keep tuning into how you feel and keep following the body sensations until you feel calm, relaxed and peaceful.
    I hope using your body’s feelings helps you get even better results with Emotional Freedom Techniques.  If you have any questions or feedback then please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

    You can email me on: or use the form on my contact page. If you want a free consultation, just give me a call on 07866 013 637. I’d love to help you listen to your body’s wisdom.

    I work face to face in Exeter and Tavistock in Devon and in Cardiff. I work over the phone or on Skype worldwide.

    How to Mix it Up

    When we first learn EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) we tend to stick to a particular routine. What I would like to encourage you to do is to mix it up a bit.  This is particularly useful as you experience different ways of working with EFT and it helps if you find yourself getting stuck. 

    Most people automatically use their dominant hand to do the tapping. It often feels more natural this way. A good way of more fully integrating the emotions you are working on is to switch hands.  You could do this by tapping with your non-dominant hand for the whole day.  Or you could do one round with your dominant hand and the next round with your non-dominant hand. 

    Another variation is to use your right hand to tap the left side of your body and the left hand to tap the right side of your body.  You can switch back and forth between rounds.  Just try swapping hands and see how it helps you.

    Which hand do you use?

    Enjoy mixing things up and feeling the benefits.  If you have any questions or feedback then please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you. You can email me on: 
    Happy tapping,

    Louise Woods
    07866 013 637

    For more information on EFT and for my free introduction to EFT eBook please go to:

    Help Heal the Oil Spill

    If you have been deeply moved, as have I about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, then I invite you to do something about it.

    I know, you’re probably thinking…what can I do about it, right?

    Well, instead of just feeling angry, sad etc we can use our energy in a different way. I was sent this prayer by a friend. I immediately felt moved by it and see it as a way each person can help. You see we’re all connected. Our energy affects others. Our intention, thoughts and prayers do make a difference. So join me now in making a difference.

    This is Dr. Masaru Emoto’s prayer for the Gulf of Mexico:

    “I send the energy of love and gratitude to the water and all the living creatures in the Gulf of Mexico and its surroundings.
    To the whales, dolphins, pelicans, fish, shellfish, plankton, corals, algae, and all living creatures . . . I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. ”

    Repeat this prayer daily. If you know EFT then tap along as you repeat the prayer.

    Thank you. Together we can heal the world.

    If you would like to learn more about EFT, please contact me.

    Louise Woods, EFT Practitioner

    07866 013 637

    Frozen with Fear?

    Are you frozen with fear? Is your fear keeping you stuck?

    Is your fear stopping you from enjoying relationships?

    Is your fear stopping you from being a success in your business?

    Does your fear stop you doing things, going places, flying?

    Has the fear of your fear taken over your life?

    Well now it’s time to conquer your fear. EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques can help you overcome your fear. You can tap on all the aspects of your fear – the thoughts you have, the feelings you get and what your fear stops you doing.

    Firstly, what does your fear look like? What sounds are associated with your fear?

    What do you say to yourself when you think of your fear?

    Where do you feel your fear in your body?

    Now, write down your answers and use this information to help you release your fear. On a scale of 0 – 10 (where 10 is the worst fear), what is your fear score?

    Below is a general tapping script addressing a fear of flying.

    Fear of flying

    Follow along and use your fear, thoughts, words, body feelings where appropriate.  This script will help you get idea of how to tap on your fear.

    • Even though I’m terrified of flying, I accept how I feel about this
    • Even though I’m so scared of flying, I feel so unsafe and out of control, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway
    • Even though I get this tight knot in the pit of my stomach if I just think about flying, I accept myself anyway

    Eyebrow: I’m so scared of flying, I get this tight knot in my stomach
    Side of Eye: I’m terrified of flying
    Under Eye: I get terrible tight knot in my stomach when I think of flying
    Under Nose: I’m so scared of flying
    Under Chin: I hate feeling this tight knot in my stomach
    Collarbone: I really don’t want to feel this fear
    Under Arm: I’m so scared of flying
    Top of Head: I’m terrified of flying

    Ok, now take a nice easy breath.  Rate your fear again. Repeat the tapping until your score is down to 0.

    There may be different aspects to your fear, different pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that make up your fear as it were. So it is important to tap on each aspect in turn. For example, with our flying fear you may have to address the following aspects:

    • Fear of crashing
    • Noise of the engines
    • Fear of heights
    • Fear of confined spaces
    • Feeling trapped
    • Feeling out of control
    • Not being able to see straight ahead
    • Vibration of the aeroplane

    There could be lots of different aspects to your fear, so keep tapping until each aspect is down to 0. When you think you are done, you need to test. Visualise the thing that you were scared of. So again with our example, visualise arriving at the airport, getting your boarding card, checking in, getting onto the plane, taking your seat, putting on your seat belt, aeroplane taxi-ing to the runway, the plane taking off, etc. Visualise it as vividly as possible and keep checking in with yourself to ensure no fear is left as each stage. This ensures you haven’t missed any aspects with your tapping. If you can vividly imagine without any feelings coming up then you are ready for a real life test. Remember to be careful and not put yourself in any danger when you do this!

    Enjoy your new-found freedom!

    If you have a fear that you would like some help with, please contact me for a session. I work with Skype/phone anywhere in the world or face to face in Cardiff and Devon, UK.

    Keep tapping!

    Soundz Magic Sound Bath

    Last night I had a truly amazing experience. I attended the first CThA (Complementary Therapists Association) meeting in Kingskerswell, Devon. Martyn Rudin of Soundz Magic did a demonstration involving tibetan singing bowls, Paiste Symphonic Gong, Shruti Box (a small harmonium) and voice. We sat comfortably in our chairs and closed our eyes. Martyn started the sound bath by striking the tibetan bowls. The layers of sounds was amazing. He mentioned learning to really listen. As I sat there, I withdrew my senses and lost touch with everything but the sound and vibration. The intensity of the gong was wonderful. The room we were in was quite small and the gong reverberated around the room so at one point it felt like it coming from behind us. Martyn finished the sound bath with the shruti box and his voice. He chanted the Gayatri mantra (one of my favourites) and I had tingles going up and down my spine. He followed this with other mantras and singing.

    We then had the opportunity to play the singing bowls ourselves and I picked up a few tips and will definitely be playing my bowl more often. This was a truly magical experience and one I will definitely be doing again. Music and sound truly move us and have been used for healing, ceremonies and special occasions since time began. It was fantastic to experience this sound bath and I’d highly recommend trying it.

    Checkout Martyn Rudin of Soundz Magic to find out more.

    Do I have to Tap?

    Quite simply the answer is no. If you have tried EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and found that you don’t actually like the tapping sensation then there are alternatives.

    • Rub each spot instead. Repeat the tapping statements as you gently rub each spot. Always use a pressure that feels right for you.
    • Touch and Breathe (TAB) is another option – touch each spot and repeat your tapping statement. Then with your fingers still in place, take an easy breath. This is a slower almost meditative form of EFT (developed by psychologist Dr John Diepold).
    • Imagine tapping the spots as you repeat your tapping statements. This is a great way to work when you feel stressed, anxious etc in public. Just imagine you are tapping on the points whilst mentally repeating the statements.

    EFT is truly a flexible transformational tool. Experiment to see which method works best for you – tapping, rubbing, touching or imagining. Personally I use a combination of these depending on the situation. If I’m in public and don’t want to be seen tapping, then I imagine the tapping.

    Often I will use TAB before going to bed or in bed. This is very slow, meditative and calming – ideal to help you get a good night’s sleep. If a particular tapping point is a bit sore – I will often rub it rather than tapping on it.

    Experiment and see what feels right for you.

    If you would like any help with EFT then I am available for sessions via phone/Skype worldwide or face to face in Cardiff or Devon. Call me on 07866 013 637 or email me for a free consultation, to see how I can help you.

    How to help Veterans

    Are you a veteran? Do you know a vet? It is estimated that 33% of the vets returning home suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(Rand Corp report 2008). Many of these men and women are suffering alone with no-one to help them. They are suffering from:

    • Hyper vigilance
    • Hyper arousal
    • Nightmares/Flashbacks
    • Insomnia
    • Alcohol/drug addiction/dependency
    • Depression
    • Stress/anxiety
    • Relationship problems

    The traditional approach of drug administration just seems to make them worse. Now, there is an alternative answer. Gary Craig’s long-awaited vet film has been released:

    Operation: Emotional Freedom

    This important documentary film examines how veterans in America diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) are currently treated.  The film shows a new approach to healing PTSD and trauma using energy psychology (EFT) instead. It follows a group of volunteer vets and their families on this incredible healing journey.

    Find out more now how you can help a vet. Visit the website and watch trailers. Purchase the film and spread the word about this important approach to helping our vets now.

    EFT lives on

    Well Gary Craig has finally shut down his website All of us in the EFT community have been waiting for this day with bated breath, wondering what would happen to all of those amazing case histories, research and practitioner listings. Well now we can take an easy breath and jump for joy! The material lives on at a new home! Yipppee! If you can’t tell – I’m very pleased about that! So the new home for all things EFT related is:

    Here you will find a wealth of case histories, research, EFT books & DVDs, practitioner listings and lots more. As a practitioner the case histories provide valuable learnings – new approaches, language reframes, EFT enhancements etc. For clients or newcomers, it’s great to be able to read a case history and think – well it worked for them – it might just work for me. There may be EFT statements that you can glean, questions that prompt your healing and inspiration to tap yourself.

    I hope that Gary Craig enjoys his retirement – he has worked very hard to bring EFT to the world. He deserves to relax and enjoy life. I’m looking forward to the developments of EFT as we move up that healing high-rise building.

    Keep tapping!

    This has never been done before

    You’ve probably heard all the buzz around the documentary film, “The Tapping Solution”.

    This breakthrough film shows the power of EFT to change lives – it’s documented, it’s real and it’s affecting people around the globe in a dramatic way.

    Featuring well known experts such as Jack Canfield, Bruce Lipton, Carol Look, Dr. Joe Mercola, Joe Vitale, Dr. Patricia Carrington and more this film is a riveting ninety minutes where you’ll laugh, cry and most importantly learn the secrets to getting the most out of tapping so you too can experience the miracles and Breakthroughs seen in the film.

    Now the creators of the film have raised the ante…

    I had to do a double-take when I saw what they proposed…

    Find out what’s going on here:

    This incredible opportunity is only available for FIVE days.

    It’s one of those “no-brainers”

    But it’s only for those that are really ready to change. 

    To create and manifest what they most dream of and desire in life. 

    If that’s you, then don’t delay:


    Who is Pushing Your Buttons?

    That’s an interesting phrase isn’t it? Pushing our buttons. It is usually our family, children, friends or colleagues that push our buttons. We’re closer to them, we care about them more. We care what they think and feel. We have feelings for them…and in turn they can cause a reaction in us that others just can’t. 

    button © ioannis kounadeas

    Well, let’s just stop there for a second. Who is driving our bus? We are. We’re in control remember? No-one can “make” us feel a certain way. It’s our choice how we feel and re-act. Yes really.

    I know, I know, it’s hard to accept sometimes. But really, we do have a choice. We can say they did so and so and that made me feel …… (fill in the blanks). Well no, actually they didn’t. Yes they did do so and so. But that’s where it ends. The next bit is up to us. Deep down I think we really do know this but sometimes it is hard to accept.

    So. Just stop. Take a nice deep breath. Think about what just happened. Now with full awareness, how do you want to react? Do you just want the button response, or do you want to take control? Walk away if you have to. Count to 10. Do some tapping. Do whatever it takes to choose your response. There, that’s better isn’t it?

    Here’s a little script that might just help you react better to your buttons being pushed.

    Setup: Tap on the Karate Chop whilst repeating three times:

    • Even though {insert name} really pushes my buttons, I accept myself anyway
    • Even though I hate just reacting to having my buttons pushed, I accept all of my feelings
    • Even though it feels like {insert name} makes me feel {insert feeling}, I accept all of me anyway

    Eyebrow: I hate it when my buttons are pushed
    Side of Eye: I hate just reacting to my family/friend etc
    Under Eye: I wish I could stop and think about it first
    Under Nose: {insert name} makes me feel {insert feeling}
    Under Chin: I hate feeling this way
    Collarbone: I don’t want my buttons pushed in this way
    Under Arm: I hate reacting and not thinking
    Top of Head: I wish I could step back and take control of my feelings

    Eyebrow: Maybe I can just stop
    Side of Eye: What if I could take a deep breath first
    Under Eye: I could just walk away and think about it
    Under Nose: I have to remember I’m in control
    Under Chin: Nobody can make me feel a certain way
    Collarbone: Maybe I can decide how to react
    Under Arm: What if I tapped and thought about things calmly
    Top of Head: Maybe I can stay calm and decide what to say slowly

    I hope this helps you choose how to react, rather than just automatically reacting and doing or saying something you may later regret. EFT is a wonderful tool to help us deal with our emotions. So next time someone pushes your buttons, try tapping on how you feel first, before responding.

    If you can come from a place of calm, life will be so much easier. I’m all for that.

    Do You Follow the Herd?

    What I mean by this is do you find yourself being affected by other people?  It could be work colleagues – you know the ones, they always moan and whinge about everything. Or it could be your friend or family member who is always complaining and seeing the glass as half empty. It’s draining isn’t it?

    If you are finding yourself getting dragged down with others, feeling stressed because everyone around you is stressed, then maybe it’s time to do something about it. I’ve read before that you should get different friends, hang around with different colleagues etc. Whilst that may be possible, often you actually do love your friends, you just wish they were a bit more positive! You obviously can’t change your family. So what to do?

    The only thing you can do is change how you feel about it. Think about what it is that is bothering you and then do some tapping.   Below is an example script for if you are taking on other people’s stress. Use your words if they are more appropriate.

    • Even though I’m surrounded by stressed people and it’s making me feel stressed, I accept how I feel about this
    • Even though I’m taking on everyone else’s stress and it’s making me feel awful, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway
    • Even though I’ve taken on other people’s stress and now I’m stressed right out, I accept myself anyway

    Eyebrow: I’m so stressed
    Side of Eye: I’ve taken on other people’s stress
    Under Eye: I wasn’t stressed until I hung around with {person}
    Under Nose: I shouldn’t have taken on their stress
    Under Chin: I hate feeling this stressed
    Collarbone: I don’t normally get this stressed by myself
    Under Arm: I don’t want to feel their stress and mine
    Top of Head: I wish I could let this stress go

    Eyebrow: I’m wish I hadn’t taken on this stress
    Side of Eye: All this stress is not even mine
    Under Eye: {person} is making me feel stressed
    Under Nose: I should’ve stayed calm
    Under Chin: I don’t want all this stress
    Collarbone: Most of this stress isn’t even mine
    Under Arm: I hate feeling all this stress
    Top of Head: This stress is freaking me out

    Eyebrow: Maybe I can take a step back
    Side of Eye: What if I can relax and let this stress go
    Under Eye: I don’t need to hold on to their stress
    Under Nose: Maybe I can let this stress go
    Under Chin: What if I can calm down
    Collarbone: Letting this stress go with grace and ease
    Under Arm: Maybe I can relax and just let it all go
    Top of Head: Letting it be safe, easy and comfortable to let this stress go

    Always remember to keep on tapping until you feel better. It’s best to rate your feeling score before you start and after you finish, so you know when you’re truly down to zero (and done).

    Keep on tapping and enjoy feeling better.

    What is stopping You Going for it?

    What is Stopping You Going for it?
    I had a recent client who was feeling stuck. I’m sure that is something we’ve all experienced at some point in our life. It’s what we do about it though that is important. Firstly, ask yourself the following questions: 


    Why do I feel stuck?

    What is stopping me from going for it?
    Has there been a similar situation in the past where I’ve felt the same?

    This is all valuable information to help you move forward.

    Here are some general statements that can help you start to clear out the stuck feelings.

    • Even though I feel really stuck, I accept how I feel
    • Even though I’m scared to move forward, I deeply and completely accept myself
    • Even though I’m not sure why I’m stuck, I accept myself anyway
    • Even though I’m anxious about doing {insert action}, I’m open to the possibility it won’t be as difficult as I think it will
    • Even though I’m procrastinating, what if I found it easy to take action

    My client wanted to change jobs. But he was stuck because of fear. Fear that he wouldn’t be good enough. Fear of the unknown – would his new job be better or would it be worse? Fear that he wouldn’t have the freedom he has now. Fear of the impact on his life and that of his family.
    Fear is usually the major reason for keeping us stuck. Most of the time though, the fear is worse than actually doing it! I don’t believe in “feeling the fear and doing it anyway”. I’ve done that in the past and ok, I got through it, I survived. There is an easier way though – using EFT to address all of your fears! Here’s a tapping script that can help you address your fears.
    Setup: Tap on the Karate Chop whilst repeating three times:

    • Even though I’m scared to do {insert action}, I accept how I feel about this
    • Even though I’m full of fear and I just can’t move forward, I accept all of my feelings
    • Even though I feel stuck and I’m too scared to take action, I accept all of me anyway

    Eyebrow: I’m stuck and I’m scared
    Side of Eye: I’m full of fear
    Under Eye: It’s just too scary to take action
    Under Nose: I want to do {action} but I’m too scared
    Under Chin: I hate feeling this fear
    Collarbone: I can’t stop feeling this fear
    Under Arm: I don’t want to feel scared
    Top of Head: I wish I could let this fear go

    Eyebrow: I’m procrastinating because I’m scared
    Side of Eye: I’m afraid and I’m stuck
    Under Eye: {action} is too scary
    Under Nose: I can’t do {action} because I’m afraid
    Under Chin: I don’t want to make mistakes
    Collarbone: I’ll embarrass myself if I try
    Under Arm:  I’m scared and I won’t do it right
    Top of Head: I wish I could stop procrastinating

    Eyebrow: I’m open to the possibility it will be easier than I think
    Side of Eye: What if I just tried
    Under Eye: Maybe it won’t be so difficult
    Under Nose: Maybe I can start with small steps
    Under Chin: What if it was easy
    Collarbone: Maybe I can do it
    Under Arm: What if I could release my fear
    Top of Head: I will do it

    Use your words where appropriate to really tune in to how you feel. Remember to keep tapping until your fear has gone completely to zero.
    If there are any other emotions that are coming up for you, then use EFT on them too until you feel calm and excited about taking action. Ok, so now that you have released your fear and any other emotions, what steps will you take next?
    What are the steps you can take to achieve your outcome?
    What is the first SMALL step that you can take?
    What is the first BIG step that you can take?
    When you will you achieve these steps?
    Let me know how you get on with this – I’d love to celebrate your success with you.
    My client completely released his fear by the end of the session. He was feeling more positive, motivated and excited about changing his job. He was now playing a different movie in his mind – a positive, empowering one that will help him move forward.

    If you would like some help releasing your fears, please get in touch. I would love to help you.

    How To Let Go Of Being Perfect

    Do you have a need to be perfect?

    Do you always want to try your very best even if that means you suffer?

    Do you always have to do a perfect job?

    Don’t you find that a struggle?  I know that I do.

    I’ve always had desire/need to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.  Let’s face it though – life isn’t perfect. A lot of things are actually outside of our control and yet we still try to change them, mould them to perfection. We often waste a lot of energy by trying too hard to make things “just right”. We often put ourselves out of our way to make things perfect.  We sacrifice our time, our energy and often don’t let our needs get met.

    So what can we do about it?

    Accept that some things we just can’t control and therefore they might not meet our high standards.  We most certainly waste energy on trying to perfect things we have no control over. So just let it go.  Try:

    • Even though I want everything to be perfect and I find it hard to accept things I can’t control, I accept all of my feelings anyway
    • Even though it’s hard to accept things not being perfect, I’m open to the possibility of letting go of this need to be perfect on things I can’t control
    • Even though I must have everything perfect, I’m open to accepting that I don’t have control over some things and I have to let them go

    We are often very hard on ourselves and our high perfect standards. If this is an issue for you try the following statements:

    • Even though I’m my own worst critic, everything has to be perfect else I’m not good enough, I accept all of my feelings about this
    • Even though I’m highly critical of myself and everything has to be perfect, I’m willing to try giving myself a break
    • Even though being perfect means the world to me, I’m open to accepting myself even when everything isn’t perfect

    You might want to look at where this need to be perfect comes from?  Is it from your parents? Were they perfectionists? Did you feel you had to do everything perfectly in order to gain their love, acceptance or approval? 

    Was it a past partner, or your current partner even? 

    Write down what comes up for you as you consider this and then use EFT to tap on any feelings and memories that you feel are an issue.

    Here’s something else you can tap on to relieve the pressures of being a perfectionist:

    • Even though I’m a perfectionist and everything has to be just so, I accept myself just as I am
    • Even though everything has to be perfect, I accept myself and all my feelings anyway
    • Even though I have to be perfect, I’m perfect in my imperfection!

    Keep on tapping on all the things that drive you crazy about being a perfectionist.  Try making a list of things that have to be perfect and then working on one thing at a time and see if you can give yourself a break.

    If you would like some help with this issue, then I’d love to help you. Please call or email me to book your one to one session on the phone or via Skype. I also offer face to face sessions in Exeter, Tavistock and Okehampton in Devon and in Cardiff.

    How To Deal With The Unexpected

    What do we do when we are delivered with the unexpected?

    • Kick up a fuss?
    • Run and hide?
    • Moan & groan?
    • Just get on with it?

    Our reaction may differ depending on what the unexpected is.  I started reflecting on this on the weekend.  My first unexpected event was my friend’s visit cut short due to a family illness. There was nothing that could be done and I just accepted it. It was a shame they had to go but I completely understood.  So I suddenly had a weekend with no plans.  I thought great – quality time to spend with my boyfriend.  That was when unexpected event number two reared its head. I’d developed a cold on the Friday and I started to feel worse as the Saturday wore on.  A lazy day around the house developed. I thought – I’ll feel better tomorrow and we can go off for a nice walk and lunch somewhere.  My body had other ideas.  On the Sunday I woke up with ear ache. Something I’d never really had before.  As the day wore on my pain got so bad, I was laughing and crying and not sure what to do with myself.

    I did a lot of EFT. It helped a bit but I had to take some pain killers and decongestants too. What I realise now is that I didn’t do any tapping on these unexpected things happening and how I felt about them.

    How many times do we react to these things that crop up unexpectedly and then don’t do anything to counter our negative feelings? Emotional Freedom Techniques can be used on all of our negative emotions, feelings, experiences and much more!

    So how do you start tapping on such an issue. Here’s a tapping script that will help you get started:

    • Even though {event} happened unexpectedly, I accept how I feel about this
    • Even though I didn’t want {event} to happen and I didn’t expect things to turn out this way, I accept all of my feelings
    • Even though I wish things had turned out how I expected them to, instead of {event} happening, I accept that you can’t plan the unexpected!

    Eyebrow: Things didn’t turn out how I planned them
    Side of Eye: I wish {event} hadn’t happened
    Under Eye: I wish things didn’t have to change unexpectedly
    Under Nose: I’m disappointed my plans changed
    Under Chin: Why did that {event} have to happen?
    Collarbone: I hate the unexpected
    Under Arm: I don’t like my plans changing unexpectedly
    Top of Head: Why did {event} have to happen like that?

    Eyebrow: I hate it when the unexpected happens
    Side of Eye: I don’t like things changing
    Under Eye: I hate dealing with the unexpected
    Under Nose: I feel out of control when the unexpected happens
    Under Chin: Why did that have to happen?
    Collarbone: I wish things had gone to plan
    Under Arm: I didn’t want my plans to change
    Top of Head: Why couldn’t things have gone as I expected them to

    Eyebrow: I accept I can’t control everything
    Side of Eye: Maybe I can deal with this easily
    Under Eye: I can’t plan for the unexpected
    Under Nose: It’s ok, maybe it happened for a reason
    Under Chin: Maybe things have turned out for the best
    Collarbone: What if I can just accept what has happened
    Under Arm: I don’t have to be in control all the time
    Top of Head: Maybe I can accept the unexpected

    I hope that has given you an idea on how to start tapping for the unexpected. Use whatever feelings you have, whether they are disappointment, anger, frustration, sadness or guilt. Then tap on all of the associated feelings until you can easily accept what has happened.

    We often can’t change things that happen to us and we can always change how we feel about it. We just need to take time to tap!